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Five Million Baskets

Posted by ubudricefarmer on November 21, 2009

I want to explain something about the ecology of our rice farming system. Our rice, cows, ducks and terraces are all connected.

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Everyday, twice a day, Balinese farmers must feed our cows. We mostly feed them grass. I cut the grass from my rice terrace walls, and that helps keep the terraces clean and strong. I figure it takes five million baskets of grass to feed one cow for I year. That’s a lot of grass!

How nice to imagine five million baskets of rice. This month we harvested 30 ara (1 ara is 100 sq metres). From that we got 1,700 kg of rice. It was a good yield.

After we harvest the rice, we flood the saweh (rice paddy) and then let the ducks into the wet field. The ducks eat any leftover rice, and some of the weeds that grow in the saweh. Their waste adds to the fertility of the soil.

Also after the harvest, we take the rice husks and spread them in the sawah. That also adds to the fertility of the soil. I don’t use fertilizers in my rice growing.

I’ve never counted the number of baskets of rice husks we return to the paddy. Or how many ducks are fed But how nice it would be to get five million baskets of rice in a year!

Anyway, these are some of the ways we practice good ecology in our farming. I hope someday you come learn more from us at Ubud Rice Farmer.


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